Our people are our biggest asset so we treat them well.
We pay salaries in excess of the stipulated minimum. Our commitment to our workers however embraces a broader and effective welfare support system.
Annual bonuses are paid based on the company's performance. As recipients of a share in profits our staff are better motivated than workers elsewhere. We provide insurance for all workers - not only for management. Some 80% of our workers are female, bring special weaving and upholstering skills. We do not employ children.


Social & Community Activities
We take our social responsibilities very seriously.
Except for special positions we recruit from the neighboring communities and work to support and advance those communities.
Developing local sporting facilities and events is but an example our efforts to enrich the lives of our workers and surrounding communities.



Training & Safety
Our training programs are second to none in the industry in Indonesia.
The provision of training is across the organization and aims for continuous improvement. Programs include weaving, framing, woodworking, assembly and finishing, to name but a few.
All workers operate in a safe environment with full use of protective equipment where it is possible. A safety officer has responsibility to maintain and upgrade safety level.


Finally, we use no toxic chemicals in our production process.